Ephesians 4:24

“You were taught to start living a new life. It is created to be truly good and holy, just as God is.”

   Paul’s love for the church, of which Jesus Christ is the head, is always his motivation in exhortation and rebuke to the body. The new life we have in Christ is not just a spiritual endeavor. It is a matter of discernment concerning our flesh. We are commanded to think like Christians.

   We must remember that even the demons believe in Christ. Believing in Christ is not enough. We must believe in Him in us. Romans 10:2 Paul grieves over Israel. He knows that they “think” they are serving God but there is a problem, “For I can testify about them that they are zealous or God, but their zeal is not based on knowledge.”

  The key is knowledge. It is not your emotions or passion that will lead you to salvation. It is not remorse or good conduct that will give you eternal life. It is knowledge of the truth. God is holy. We are not holy. We have no hope in our self-righteousness.

   In other words, our conduct is based on the work already accomplished by Christ Jesus. He is our holiness. How can we not strive to live a life that glorifies Him? We must be true to what we know! We have been raised from death to life. Saved from the righteous wrath of God. This knowledge is the work of the Holy Spirit in us to know the punishment for our sins has been taken by Christ our substitute.

   Our will is surrendered to God and His requirement of justice. Because God is holy, God’s people must be holy too. Christ and Christ alone. New life in Christ. The justified shall live by faith in the work of Christ in us. Live the life in full confidence; Christ is enough. Amen.