September Prayer Theme / Compassion

In Luke 10 the story of the Good Samaritan reveals the love of God for all men and His willingness to rescue, heal, and sustain. The man depicted in Jesus story was robbed, beaten, stripped naked, and left for dead. No hope. His own countrymen a priest and a Levi passed him by.

A Samaritan had compassion on him.

The Jews despised the Samaritans. They looked on them as half-breeds and counted them as dogs.

The Samaritan has compassion on him.

He dressed his wounds pouring in oil and wine. He gathered him up and took him to a road side inn. He paid his bill and instructed the innkeeper to continue to rehabilitate him until he was well and if more money was owed, he would pay the balance upon his return journey.

The Samaritan had compassion on him.

Compassion; strength ministering to weakness, abundance giving to lack, love reaching out to hate. God give us grace to walk in compassion.

The year of Others / Compassion

Wednesdays Bible Study / Genesis / 7:30 PM

Genesis. This word means origin. We will undertake the study of this marvelous book in the Old Testament. How did it all begin? Who wrote this masterful account of our creation, our fall, and our future? Why are we still accepting this as the counsel of God? Does science make this book obsolete and unbelievable?

Make sure you make plans to join us for our study in the book of Genesis over the next few months. Your questions and insights will make this a study emphasis to remember. This would be a great time to invite friends and neighbors to join with us in fellowship in the word.

Book Club / September 27th / 5:00 PM

We will begin reading a new book by John Stott “The Incomparable Christ”.

“Everyone has something to say about Jesus. Sorting through the numerous books of recent years, we find ourselves lost in a thicket of viewpoints, some troubling to faith, some puzzling to the intellect. John Stott, one of the outstanding evangelical voices of the of the last half century, offers us an enriching vision of Jesus that defies measurement. The book is presented in four sections;

  • The Original Jesus
  • The Ecclesiastical Jesus
  • The Influential Jesus
  • The Eternal Jesus

This is the Jesus who is like no other- worthy of our worship, our confession and obedience as we follow him into the future.”

Our next book club meeting will be August 23 at 5 PM. Everyone is welcome to read, discuss, and share in the wealth of information and inspiration in this great book. The book is available at most Christian book stores and on Amazon. If you have any questions please contact Pastor Mark at

Seminar / The Trinity / October 3rd / 9 am – 2 pm

Scripture. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is not an easy task to contemplate this great truth of God’s self-revelation but is should be pure joy for the Christian to plumb the depths of Gods goodness, holiness, immutability, and love.

We won’t just think about the God Head we will revel in the Fathers love towards us demonstrated by his Son and enabled by His Holy Spirit. Sound like fun? It will be. The seminar is free. Lunch is free. See you there.

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