Tuesdays S4 Taekwondo – Postponed

Tuesdays Fitness By Angel / 6PM / Postponed

Wednesdays Bible Study / The Acts of the Apostles / 7:30 PM

We will continue in the book of Acts through the month of June in our Wednesday study time. The study of Acts will help to equip the church, establish the believer, and elucidate our doctrinal foundation. Your participation in these times of biblical focus are critical to the body of Open Gate.  Class convenes in the church sanctuary.

Fridays Morning Bible Study / Psalm 23 / 10:30 AM

We are currently studying the book of Ecclesiastes “A Look at Life.” Our meetings are a potluck lunch affair with fellowship and bible teaching. Bible study is held in the fellowship room at 10:30 am weekly.

High School / Baccalaureate June 7th / Sunday Service

We will be recognizing those students that have graduated high school and/or have achieved a Bachelors degree. Not only are these students worthy of recognition in light of their honorable accomplishment, but we want to pray for their continued success in their life goals. Please make a note to join with Open Gate for our young people and undergird them with our support and well wishes. Special note: if you are a graduate, please contact our church office (admin@ogmfaith.com or Chandra Hall) and help us to make this a special day for you.

Seminar / Christology / June 13th / 9 am – 2 pm

The second person of the Godhead. The only begotten son of the Father. The baptizer in the Holy Spirit. The Messiah. God made flesh, the incarnate Christ. The head of the Church. Soon coming King. The person and work of Jesus Christ is a study most heady and mysterious for most believers. We are uplifted in His presence. We are moved by His life and His great sacrifice on our behalf. No time spent contemplating Jesus is ever wasted.

Our seminars 9 am – 2 pm are FREE of charge and even include a FREE lunch. There will be a sign-up sheet in the back of the sanctuary or contact us at admin@ogmfaith.com if you would like to attend. You are not required to be a member of Open Gate to participate. Our devotional life is augmented by the knowledge we glean from the Scriptures and the fellowship we enjoy with fellow believers. Save the date and make this your summer study in God’s word. The class is conducted in the sanctuary.

Book Club / June 14th / 5:30 PM

Timothy Keller’s “The Freedom of Self-forgetfulness” is the perfect read for the year of others. This book is only three chapters in length, but the subject matter is a lifetime of contemplation and discipline. We will join for discussion and questions concerning this powerful little book and its implication for our walk of holiness before the Lord. Everyone is welcome to join in our endeavor to live free from self.

Father’s Day / June 21st

Proverbs 1:8 “Hear, my son, your father’s instruction” A word to the wise. God has sovereignly placed fathers as the priest of the home to give instruction, discipline, and love for guidance and strength in his children.

His hard work and loving heart have been a blessing to you. Remember him on his day. We will be hearing from several fathers that Sunday morning testimonies of God’s faithfulness as their heavenly Father. We love you dad!

Church Fellowship – Crab Feast / June 28th / 12 noon

The pandemic has hindered our time of fellowship for several months now and we are eager to break bread together and reacquaint ourselves. In honor of our first fellowship back together we will share in a crab feast. We will ask you to bring corn on the cob, or some other side salad and Open Gate will provide the crabs. We are going to have a wonderful time in fellowship and food. Save the date and join us for the feast.

Online Giving

Remember you can give to Open Gate Ministries on line. The website is available for you to conveniently support the outreach and daily administrative efforts of Open Gate. You can dispense with the hassle of checks, envelopes, and the trips to the bank teller machine to bring cash. Our site is secure and the procedure is simple; user friendly. Take advantage to the ease in giving online. Thank you for supporting Open Gate Ministries. Blessings