February Prayer Theme / Neighbors

Luke 10:27 “You shall love the Lord your God… and your neighbor as yourself.”

Wow! Try to grasp the importance of this passage, those that have ears to hear. We are commanded to love our neighbors. This is for every believer everywhere. There are no exceptions to this command. It is paired with the command to love the Lord God with our heart and soul, strength and mind, without question or doubt. Immediately we are faced with the reality of our rebellious nature against God.

    “God, you don’t know my neighbor. They make it impossible to love them.”

Well, after we have made our lament to the Father the commandment is still there for us to ponder and resolve in our thoughts and actions. Bottom line; we can’t do this without the help of the Holy Spirit.

We must pray and believe that God will help us live the Christ-life that is beyond the capabilities of our flesh.

   Join with Open Gate in prayer and meditation on this command that will bring joy, peace, and gladness to the church body and our everyday lives. Remember, all things are possible to those that believe. This year of Other’s will make a difference that brings God glory and his people results that are eternal. Let’s start with loving one another and favoring our brothers and sisters in the name of Jesus. It is the difference between light and dark, life and death, and temporal and eternal. Bless the name of the Lord!

Online Giving

Remember you can give to Open Gate Ministries on line. The website is available for you to conveniently support the outreach and daily administrative efforts of Open Gate. You can dispense with the hassle of checks, envelopes, and the trips to the bank teller machine to bring cash. Our site is secure and the procedure is simple; user friendly. Take advantage to the ease in giving online. Thank you for supporting Open Gate Ministries. Blessings

Tuesdays S4 Taekwondo

We would like to welcome all OGC children, their friends, and adults to join us in our Free Basic Taekwondo Class at Open Gate Church every Tuesday. We would like to share some basic self-defense in the art of Taekwondo, develop special friendship and bonding for our children; and build the habit of physical exercise as part of our spiritual and social growth for our future generation. Most of all, we hope that this free Taekwondo class will help strengthen our church community bonding and attract more good families to our Open Gate Church.

Tuesdays Fitness By Angel / 6PM / Resumes in June

Wednesdays Bible Study / The Acts of the Apostles / 7:30 PM

Meaningful bible study is based on three supporting principles.

  1. Accuracy in information
  2. Applicable to Life
  3. Articulation (coherent)

   John Stott said, “We should be united in our convictions that God still speaks through what he has spoken, and that nothing is more necessary for the life, health, and growth of Christians than that they should hear what the Spirit is saying to them through his ancient, yet ever modern, Word.”

   Sharing this conviction results in the clear and compelling message of the gospel, specifically;

  • Salvation has been prepared by God,
  • Salvation is bestowed by Christ,
  • Salvation is offered to all people.

The study of Acts will help to equip the church, establish the believer, and elucidate our doctrinal foundation. Your participation in these times of biblical focus are critical to the body of Open Gate. Please, be prayerful in considering your attendance. Blessings to you as you seek to follow the Master.

Fridays Morning Bible Study / Psalm 23 / 10:30 AM – Bring a lunch

We are currently studying the book of Ecclesiastes.  “A Look at Life.” This is a time of fellowship, food, and scriptural focus. A bible, a sandwich, and prayer all the gear you need to participate.

Church Fellowship / Sunday February 16th

Open Gate treasures the fellowship of our church family. We are committed to honoring each other and taking time to be inclusive and in our personal and spiritual lives. This month we join together to celebrate baptism and church membership. If you are interested please contact the church office or one of the pastors to be placed on the contact list.

msr@ogmfaith.com or admin@ogmfaith.com or 301-645-2324

Immediately after service we will be having our pot luck. We are requesting that you bring a pasta dish of your choosing to the fellowship to be shared with your neighbor.  Or any dish that ends in “ini”, “etti”, “na” “li”. (fettuccini, linguini, spaghetti, lasagna, tortellini, mostaccioli, gnocchi, ziti; sorry couldn’t resist). We hope you will make plans to joins us for this great time of fellowship.

Seminar / Pneumatology Saturday March 14th  / 9 AM – 2 PM

Comforter. Counselor. Paraclete. Power. All of these are defining words that speak to the person and work of the Holy Spirit. The spirit of Christ is in us and works through us to realize the will of God and obedience to his word. With growth of the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements in the world today there are teachers and churches that are built on false narratives that are devoid of Scriptural authority and direction. We need to know and understand the biblical revelation of the third person of the Godhead.

  • How can I know him?
  • Was he present in the Old Covenant?
  • What saddens him?
  • How is his presence manifested in my heart and life?
  • Must I speak in tongues to operate in the Spirit?

Questions like these and many more will be addressed and discussed in our Pneumatology seminar. The seminar is free, all you have to do is sign up at the table in the back of the sanctuary or email your desire to attend to the pastor or church administrator. ( msr@ogmfaith.com or admin@ogmfatih.com )

2020 Seminars

Jun. 13 – Christology – the study of Christ

Sept. 12 -Bibliology – the study of the Bible

Children’s Catechism / Feb. 26th – Apr. 1st 7:30 pm

Open Gate will begin its Annual Children’s Catechism program on Wednesday, February 26th beginning at 7:30pm for six weeks ending with Graduation on Palm Sunday April 5th; which is our preamble to Holy Week. If you are interested in signing up your child email admin@ogmfaith.com.

What is the catechism?

The catechism is a way to systematically teach children biblical truths of Christian doctrine, and to help them with know what they believe.  A few of the basics will include the following: 

  • The Old and New Testament
  • The Ten Commandments
  • The Apostle’s Creed

   During the Protestant Reformation, children and new believers were taught the essentials of the Christian faith; and during the six-week program, we will teach our children the fundamentals of the Christian faith. Each Wednesday beginning at 7:30PM, our children will learn why, and what we believe as Christians.

Why is the catechism important?

   While it may seem old-fashioned, the benefits of catechism are many for our children. The catechism helps the child form their knowledge of Scripture and the Lord’s will in their lives, as well as their faith and confidence in Christ. The chief benefit to children is that it requires them to state the truth of their belief in their own testimony, and take the truth of their parent’s testimony and make it their own. 

   As they mature, it will help cultivate their thoughts as they continue to learn God’s Word.  Children’s catechism will also help parents and grandparents to know where their children might be struggling and to assist them in remembering and understanding biblical truths.  Also, as children share with their parents, grandparents and family members what they have learned, it will help to cultivate their knowledge, as well. 

At Open Gate, we want our children to know God’s Word, and apply it to their lives.