Origen was born in the year AD 185. He suffered great loss; his father, Leonides, was beheaded for believing in Christ. With great zeal, only a teenager, he attempted so to the prison to join his father in death. He mother unable to bear the loss of her son as well as her husband, hid all his clothes so he could not go outside.

   His father himself tutored Origen giving him an education that prioritized Scripture and grounded him in the Greek liberal arts. His fathers death left a great burden on him to support his six brothers and mother as a teacher (tutor). He not only taught arts and letters as a private tutor but also served his local church as an instructor in basic theology for new converts.

   His unique genius and understanding philosophy and brought his great respect even from the secular philosophers of Alexandria. Origen’s life was filled with suffering and persecution because he insisted on the centrality of the Holy Scriptures. (Getting to Know the Church Fathers, Bryan Litfin)

   We are brought to shame as we look at the fearless battle that has brought us the bible we have today. We are not nearly the contenders for the faith that our Church history records for us. Let us purpose to take the time to learn of our great heritage as the church of Jesus Christ.

   There are many articles, essays, and blogs on line that will offer information to help us understand the history of the Church. I urge you, turn off the television, take a break from Facebook, and Spend some time with Origen. God’s word is eternal, his champions are indispensable in appreciating and facilitating the body of Christ in this evil generation.

Be encouraged the Word will not pass away. It will stand when the world is on fire! Read, explore, and rejoice in our inheritance.