Proverbs 4:7 “Above all and before all, do this: Get Wisdom! (The Message)

   When I read this verse this morning, I was struck by the thought of how much time we spend and energy we exert in getting things. My plan was to write three articles for the website concerning wisdom; our prayer theme for September. However, the thought of “getting” wouldn’t let me continue in my thoughts about wisdom. Really, just stop and contemplate this with me for a moment. We are all obsessed with getting.

  • Getting up
  • Getting ready
  • Getting groceries
  • Getting gas
  • Getting finished
  • Getting ahead
  • Getting even
  • Getting rest
  • Getting snockered (my Uncle Harold’s term)
  • Getting help
  • Getting out

   Well, you get the picture. It is the basis of our existence and relationship with one another. What will I get out of this? What are they trying to get out of me? When will I get it? It just doesn’t end.

    So, the word given to us by the wise man Solomon provokes us to self-examination, if we will take a moment and meditate on his proverbial wisdom. In everything you set out to get, get wisdom. Above all else, value wisdom. Before anything else, make a determination to get wisdom. I have been thing about that all morning. You should too! Well, go on… get with it.

From my heart.